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Amorphophallus hewittii(10 seeds)

Description: The largest species of Amorphophallus in Borneo, this plant was once mistaken for A. titanum (of Sumatra) due to its impressive dimensions. It is endemic to Sarawak where it grows in rich soils amongst limestone and granite formations. The beautiful mottled leaf stalks can reach heights of over 3 metres. The inflorescences, which can be up to 1.5 metres tall on mature specimens, emerge once every three years.

Cultivation recommendations: Prefers a rich and well-drained soil. Plants should be cultivated in a large container (10 gallons minimum) to give enough space for the growing tuber. Requires warm and humid conditions as for other lowland tropical species. Though A. hewittii does not experience a true dormancy it should be kept drier during periods of little growth.

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